Wellmont Arts Plaza recognized as a ‘Great Public Space’

Attendees enjoy the vendors and the music at the Wellmont Arts Plaza opening on Saturday. (KATE ALBRIGHT / FOR LOCAL MONTCLAIR)

The New Jersey chapter of the American Planners Association announced its names for 2021 Great Places in New Jersey, recognizing Montclair’s Wellmont Arts Plaza on Bloomfield Avenue as a large public space.

The organization cited the plaza as a “perfect example of the creation of places” that “transformed an underused public street into an even greater cultural destination and created a public space that promotes health, happiness and goodness. -being people “.

“It is truly a great honor to receive this recognition from the American Planners Association,” said Mayor Sean M. Spiller in an association announcement. “The organization’s Great Public Space designation for the new Wellmont Arts Plaza recognizes the tremendous work done to create such a beautiful, welcoming space for residents and visitors. Whether they’re coming for performances on the outdoor stage, watching art installations, or just sitting outside with friends, the new plaza provides the perfect environment for all of these activities.

The 14,000-square-foot public arts plaza is part of the $ 135 million, 2.5-acre Seymour Street redevelopment project, which began in late 2018 and saw its official opening in November.

Wellmont Square opens its doors

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At the heart of the New Arts District is the historic Wellmont Theater. The square is home to two permanent art installations, James Moore’s sculpture “Community” and “Willow,” a mural by Jenna Snyder Phillips.

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