The Last Man TV Series Fails to Find New Home After Cancellation

After years of development, the comic book series has hit Y: The last man It was finally adapted into live action with a series on Hulu last year. Unfortunately, the pandemic-themed show arrived in the midst of an actual pandemic and unlike the comic book itself, it came with a mixed positive reception, not glowing reviews but not pans either. To add insult to injury, the series ended up being canceled even before the final episode aired. Like many other shows canceled before their time was up despite trying to find it as a new home, this search was clearly not fruitful.

Series presenter Elisa Clarke took to Twitter to share the update with fans who were curious, writing, “For those of you who are asking me: We’ve been trying so hard to get another platform to catch Season 2 of Y. But unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. It’s always hard.” Moving a show around, and in recent years, it’s gotten more and more difficult.” Clarke went on to thank the fans who supported the series before and after its cancellation, along with the cast and crew who helped breathe life into it. For those curious, Clarke teased the plans for a second season, stating that they had plans for “distortions in some of the best stories from the book,” specifically referring to the comic astronaut’s subplot as something they could have changed.

She added, “I have to do my favorite comic. I have to get a show on TV.” “While it doesn’t end the way we would have finished the series, I still think there are whole stories told, and very gritty and exciting performances.”

Clarke concluded, “I wondered if I would ever tweet this. It’s important to announce that your canceled show is still cancelled. But it’s the start of a new year, and it’s time to write the next thing. I will always love Y. He will always be the one who ran away.” “.

Fans of the sitcom Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra should note that Clarke does not rule out the possibility of sharing their thoughts on the series with fans at some point. When a fan asked her if she would reveal their plans for a second season, Clark replied: “I would. Honestly, maybe I could hook up @ivan_hernandez and red_scott to make a podcast where we just talk about all the stories we were going to tell.”

You can watch all of Y: The last man On Hulu now.


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