The cat, whօ has crooked legs and bear ears, now enjoys the love and warmth of the people who take care of him

In early April, a small kitten with crooked front legs and bear-like ears arrived at the ”Friends for Life Rescue Network” located in California, hoping to find an eternal home.

She is a big lover of hugs, she quickly attracted the attention of her foster parents. Quill has started receiving physical therapy several times to correct her legs.

Quill also had weekly chains to help regulate its range of motion.

She is really brave in facing these difficulties and he differs from all other cats not in his appearance, but in her wonderful character and calm temperament.

When Chester met the young girl, he immediately approached her and then as an older brother kept her clean and tidy, always paying attention to her needs.

As Mel told, he approached her, sat down next to her, and it seemed were closest friends.

The small fur kittie spends most of its time on Zane’s neck, which is undoubtedly his favorite “place”.

Like any kitten, he loves to play and explore everything carefully.

This little miracle simply captures the hearts of everyone who sees it.

She is so fluffy and gorgeous that it is simply impossible to pass by her indifferently.

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