The Best Things To Do In ‘Global Cities’ Around The World

The definition of a “global city” is primarily based on its economy, and if one of them is on your list, here are the best things to do there.

The term “global city” was coined by the famous sociologist Saskia Sassen. Its characteristics in defining world cities were mainly economic. Moreover, it is cities that are the hubs of global finance and capitalism, in other words, cities that are home to massive stock exchanges and are highly globalized. This article is a guide to things to enjoy in global cities around the world.

ten New York City

Besides having the New York Stock Exchange, NYC is a city where the cost of living per month starts at $ 1,374 per person. It is also known as the richest city in the world. Things to enjoy in New York City include Central Park, National 9/11 Memorial & Museum, Strand Bookstore, NBC Studio Tours, Broadway Shows, Theater Performances, Parks, and many more museums to explore . A trip to New York wouldn’t be complete without visiting the historic Statue of Liberty.

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9 Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is known for its high quality and impressive electronics industry. This is where Sony’s main headquarters are located as well as the Nikkei or the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Tokyo is home to high-tech machinery and technology as well as mesmerizing neon lights from billboards and buildings. Sometimes it’s called the neighborhood that never sleeps because of the world-class restaurants and bars that work in Shinjuku Kabukicho. There are many alleys that make tourists feel like locals. The MORI Building Digital Art Museum is a must-see attraction.

8 London, England

London, the capital of England, is home to the financial stock exchange and is a prime destination for those with nursing degrees. In terms of tourism, over 27 million tourists visit London each year. The attractions here are Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey which is home to the popular Big Ben, the London Eye, galleries, museums, and beautiful streets to walk through. Tourists can also visit Buckingham Palace with 775 rooms and the larger Green Park.

seven Paris, France

The “City of Love” is where the popular Eiffel Tower resides, which attracts all tourists. There is so much to do in Paris, from foodie trips to museums, galleries and beautiful gardens. Besides the charming Eiffel Tower, famous attractions include the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Marais, the Tuileries Garden and many more. A trip to Paris is also not complete without visiting the best pastries with mouth-watering croissants and pain au chocolat and other exotic pastries.

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6 Sydney, Australia

Sydney holds massive proportional capital among the cities of Australia. The city is known to be home to the Sydney Harbourfront Opera House. Sydney is also home to beautiful beaches, fascinating natural wonders and historic sites. Besides the Opera House, the Harbor Bridge is another iconic Sydney landmark. The nightlife of the city is also very lively, where tourists who love the nightlife can enjoy bar crawling. There are plenty of activities to do in the city, and many are suitable for children.

5 Singapore

Considered one of the most expensive cities to visit in the world is Singapore, it is also known as the most competitive city in Asia for its market and quality of life. The city offers excellent tourist services for all types of travelers. There is plenty to do here, like enjoying the largest rooftop infinity pool, exploring the world’s first safari park, and having a calm and tranquil view of the beautiful gardens. Despite being a small country, Singapore presents great attractions due to its good governance.

4 Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is known as the home of Hollywood and where great movies are made. Los Angeles’ cultural influence is said to be a rival to the Big Apple. When it comes to tourism, the city never disappoints either. Things to enjoy here include a foodie trip to Smorgasburg LA, a food hub with plenty of street food vendors. The city is also famous for its parks, lakes, beaches, galleries, gardens and hiking spots. If Sydney has the Opera House, LA has the twisted exterior of the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

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3 San Francisco, California

San Francisco is one of the world’s cities because it is home to the most powerful internet companies such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. One of the popular attractions of this city is the Golden Gate Bridge, it is already considered a landmark of San Francisco and has been declared as one of the modern wonders of the world. Things to enjoy include the San Francisco Cable Car, visiting the Palace of Fine Arts, and many other attractions to explore.

2 Frankfurt, germany

Frankfurt has the qualities of a global city as it is home to the European Central Bank. Bankenviertel is home to most of Germany’s tallest skyscrapers. The Old Town Center is the most picturesque public square in the city and has the busiest passageway. The Stadel Museum is one of the most important art collections in Germany and covers most of seven centuries of works. There are more historical museums to explore here as well as impressive towers and natural wonders.

1 Shanghai, China

The Shanghai Stock Exchange is the fifth largest stock exchange in the world and Shanghai plays an important role in the global economic supply chain as China has become the global manufacturing center. When it comes to tourism, the city has so much to offer. The city offers unique and much more modern attractions to enjoy. Tourists can try the fastest train in the world or known as the Maglev. Besides impressive attractions, Chinese cuisine is also a must to complete the trip.

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