The 30 Best Action Movies on Amazon Prime (January 2022)

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Looking for a little escape from reality tonight? A way to leave the world behind and watch heroes save the day and entrepreneurs steal the show? Amazon Prime has a rich and deep catalog of action movies that includes everything from Bruce Lee to Ethan Hunt to Captains Kirk and America. Choose your favorites and leave the real world behind.

You know how Justin Lin brought the blockbuster back in 2021 F9? Watch where it all began nearly two decades ago with the director’s debut, the Sundance indie film about Asian American children entering the underworld. Featuring supporting work from Sung Kang (Han!) and John Cho, this movie inspired dozens of filmmakers in the coming years, including Jon M. Chu (in the heights), who was at that famous Sundance premiere.

The iconic Takashi Miike directed an adaptation of the beloved samurai manga of the same name in 2017. If you like Miike’s samurai style in movies like 13 killersCheck this out when you get a chance. It is the elegant story of a samurai on the run after killing a corrupt master and his minions only to discover that the murders were ordered by a corrupt chief. It’s not entirely original but it does allow Miike to play with some cool samurai weapons. Sometimes that’s all you need.

This brilliant indie film by Matthew Pope should have made Bethany Ann Lind a star, more like a slow-motion thriller than a traditional action movie. The actress is as gorgeous as Leigh Tiller, a woman who panics after an accidental murder and then goes on to compound bad decisions. An old-fashioned thriller, the movie also features a strong supporting turn from the always solid Will Patton.

Small as could be, this manly movie barely made a cent at the box office when it was released in 1999 but has built an amazingly loyal following over the past two decades on DVD and cable. Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus play two Irish Boston stars who decide to rid their city of evil forces, while they are pursued by FBI agent Willem Dafoe. It’s great to think about why this movie has been so successful for so many people that it actually spawned a sequel and is still being quoted two decades later.

as No time to die Finally launched after multiple delays, Amazon Prime is here to meet your needs at 007 with Daniel Craig’s first outing as the most famous cinematic spy ever. This is easily one of Bond’s best films, a flick that redefined the character with more intense dangers and realistic action sequences. It’s a really cool movie, not just for what it did for its genre and the future of its legendary super spy.

Jean Dujardin (the artist) in this wonderful French thriller that tells a story French link across the pond. He’s a police judge who meets a drug lord who transports drugs from France to the United States named Tani Zampa (Gil Lelouch). This is the kind of unique action movie that gives viewers a true story that they might not have thought of before.

Bruce Lee really hit the international map with two Hong Kong films directed by Lu Wei, 1971 big boss Then, the following year, this movie is about a student seeking revenge for the murder of his master. After some disappointment with the Hollywood system, Lee returned to Hong Kong and redefined martial arts cinema forever. This is an essential work in this genre. All five of Lee’s films are.

Amazon Prime members of a certain age will remember that James Bond was in a pitiful place in the late ’80s and early ’90s. The Roger Moore era went with a moan and Timothy Dalton didn’t really work for moviegoers. So this first Pierce Brosnan was a comeback for 007, and what a fun, glorious, understated comeback. This is not only one of the best Bond movies, it’s one of the best action movies of the ’90s.

Who would have imagined that a 1986 fantasy movie starring Christopher Lambert would launch a franchise? Since the release of this goofy action movie about an immortal warrior, there have been four more movies, two live-action series, comedies, games, novels, and much more. See where it all started here. There can only be one!

John McTiernan directed the first Jack Ryan movie in 1990 and the character is still influenced by him more than three decades later in the Amazon Prime original series. This time, he’s played by Alec Baldwin, who defies a rogue Soviet naval commander, who has been completely taken over by Sean Connery. Despite the sequels and series, this is still the best adaptation of Tom Clancy’s controversial plot.

Brilliant Julia Hart co-wrote and directed this totally different thriller, a crime thriller only told from the POV of one character, the wife of a criminal. Rachel Brosnahan The wonderful Mrs. Maisel She gives her best performance yet as Jane, a woman forced to flee with her young child after her criminal husband goes missing. It’s a meticulously calibrated work that reshapes the genre in a way that makes it feel fresh again.

Donnie Yen is a sacred name in the martial arts branch of cinema appreciation, and you can tell why by three IP man Movies now available on Amazon Prime. They tell an almost true story about Ip Man, the legendary leader in the martial arts world, who trained Bruce Lee. These are not traditional biographical or martial arts films, as they act as a mixture of action and action.

Classic action! No, this is not a Mark Wahlberg remake but the 1969 original that formed the templates for both the heist movie and the car chase movie. Michael Caine is awesome as Charlie Crocker, the leader of a criminal gang who plans to steal gold bars from an armored truck in Italy. Things don’t go exactly as planned.

The American public does not appreciate the crazy genius Stephen Chow. great manager Kung Fu Hustle He made one of his most ambitious films in a 2013 fantasy comedy film that loosely reinterpreted the famous 16th century Chinese novel.

James Mangold (LoganHe directed a fun action movie based primarily on the huge screen charisma of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. star reunion vanilla sky, the film depicts Diaz as a woman who is caught with a fugitive spy from the CIA. History is kind of forgotten but it’s a decent business option on a lazy weekend.

Steven Soderbergh directs a haunting performance of Terence Stamp in this 1999 thriller about a Briton who comes to California in an effort to find his missing daughter, and those who may be responsible for her harm. Soderbergh rarely gets it wrong and this is one of his most underrated films, a furious shout-out that’s perfect for a movie befitting the captivating leading man.

Joe Carnahan wrote and directed this sinister little movie about the murder of an undercover police officer and how far two other cops are willing to go to uncover the truth. Jason Patrick stars in the title role but it’s one of the best performances in Ray Liotta’s career which really makes this a must. She was able to achieve almost nothing in 2003 but developed a fan based on DVD and streaming. Watch why.

More of a thriller than a traditional action movie, there’s enough tension here for it to almost qualify. Kevin Costner was his prime movie star in 1987 when he starred alongside Gene Hackman and Shawn Young in no escape, loosely adapted from a 1946 novel big clock. It’s a neat, old-fashioned noir movie about a man who falls into a very bad situation.

The final part of what’s sometimes referred to as Robert Rodriguez’s “Mexico Trilogy,” this action movie landed in theaters in 2003, taking everything from Desperado Turning it into 11. Banderas returns as El Mariachi, recruited by a CIA agent (Johnny Depp) to kill a corrupt general. Rodriguez said he wanted it to be The good, the bad and the ugly Of the trilogy, and fans responded, which allowed her to make almost $100 million.

Among the best films of Sergio Leone, this Western star Henry Fonda, Jason Robards, Claudia Cardinale and Charles Bronson. It’s an epic movie that portrays Fonda against the genre as the bad guy and contains some of the best visuals of Leon’s career, and is based on one of the best scores ever written by Ennio Morricone.

Stephen Hopkins has taken over the alien killing machine franchise with certainly mixed results, but this sequel that doesn’t feature Schwarzenegger has developed something of a cult following over the years. Action moves from the woods to the city in a sequel that takes place ten years after the first film and features performances from Danny Glover, Gary Busey, and Bill Paxton.

After the massive success of Casino Royale On the monetary and business fronts, a second-year slump for Daniel Craig in the 007 report was inevitable. Mark Forster’s 2008 film The Man With a License to Kill may not live up to its predecessor, but it has some solid action sequences and could make a good second half of a double advantage if you can’t stop at just one of Craig’s bonds.

Late in his career, Akira Kurosawa made one of his most epic films in this adaptation of William Shakespeare. King LearBlend this story with myths and history of Japan. The most expensive Japanese film ever made at the time, this 1985 war epic was a worldwide success, bringing new viewers into the lives of one of the best directors of all time.

Decades after directing a game changer prismatic filterPerformed by John Frankenheimer, this fantastic movie is written by David Mamet and starring Robert De Niro, Jean Reno, Sean Penn, and Jonathan Price. The plot is somewhat of a forgettable junk about a special bag and operatives, but it’s the car chases that everyone remembers. Any list of the best car chase movies that don’t include Ronin is just plain wrong.

The 1994 action science fiction film directed by Roland Emmerich with Kurt Russell and James Spader doesn’t get enough credit for its release. particle A franchise that has led to numerous TV series, web series, books, video games, comic books, and even direct-to-DVD movies. It may not be as popular as it once was, but it’s worth revisiting the original movie that started such a global phenomenon.

Roland Emmerich directed two of the world’s biggest foreign action stars at the time, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren, in a sci-fi/action thriller about an American soldier killed in Vietnam and revived with a program designed for creativity. Super soldiers. Critics kind of hated him, but he’s made enough to start a franchise, and has gained a following over the years.

Pete Travis made a clever argument on Rashomon The structure, where one story is seen from different perspectives. The story here is the story of the attempted assassination of the US President, and the powerful group is filled with Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker, William Hurt and Sigourney Weaver. The movie is imperfect but a reasonable diversion by star power alone.

Olivia Wilde actually showed off her ensemble in this excellent 2018 drama that premiered at the SXSW Film Festival. She plays a sadist, a woman who seeks out other women who have been brutalized by the men in her life and takes revenge on those who have wronged them. Of course, she’s working through her trauma and ultimately getting revenge on the man who ruined her life. Wilde is exceptional.

Norway hypothesis wave It’s kind of a simple marvel that they used to make in Hollywood more in the ’70s and ’80s. An avalanche causes a large enough rockslide in a body of water to trigger a tsunami, and a neurogeologist is one of the few people who knows the carnage is about to happen. Well-behaved and cleverly designed, it’s a great slice of disaster escape.

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