The 10 Yorkie House Rules

As a yorkie lover, you think that yorkie are one of the loveliest animals in the world, right? yorkie are also called yorkshire dogs, … they are famous and owned around the world. To those who are about to own a four-legged friend, spend your time playing with them and consult ideas of experienced people. However, have you ever heard about Dachshund’s House Rules?

10. You will never pee alone again

As much as you want peace and quiet just for two minutes, yorkies want to make sure that you are okay. You never know what could be going on in there. As part of their protective nature and role as the family watch dog, they will follow you in for that most private of parts of your day, because you never know how badly their human will be attacked by a ferocious roll of toilet paper. This dedication to their human’s safety can also be observed when they get into the waste basket and shred any Kleenex they find.

9. If it lands on the floor it’s mine

We each have specialties. Yorkies have these short legs and humans are long. Humans can reach stuff off shelves and Yorkies can reach the floor really easy. Yorkies can also help keep the floor clean, apart from the things they destroy themselves. This is NOT your Yorkie being a mooch. It is a Yorkie being helpful to their human. Live with it.

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