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Quadrantids at peak Tuesday

Astronomers in Taiwan will have the opportunity to witness the annual quadrantid meteor shower as it nears its peak on Tuesday, the Taipei Astronomical Museum said. The meteor shower is expected to be visible from tomorrow night and peak in the early hours of the next morning, when it is expected to produce 120 shooting stars per hour, the museum said. However, the celestial event could produce up to 200 meteors per hour, as the rain would peak near the new moon and minimal moonlight interference is expected. Compared to the Perseid meteor shower in August and the Geminid rain in December, with observing conditions last year affected by moonlight, next week’s celestial event would present the best conditions for sighting of the year, the museum said. Quadrantids are more difficult to observe because their peak is extremely short, sometimes lasting only a few hours. For those who cannot watch the event, the museum will be streaming the Quadrantid meteor shower live starting at 8 p.m. tomorrow on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch? v = QgAqaxiYdpQ, he says.


A-mei tickets sell out fast

The first batch of tickets for A-mei (張惠妹 )’s upcoming concerts at the Taipei Arena sold out in nine minutes, the singer’s record label announced yesterday. EMI Records said the ticketing website had around 320,000 hits after the batch was released at 1 p.m. yesterday. The 130,000 tickets for the 12 concerts were sold in less than 10 minutes, he said. No matter how popular A-mei’s upcoming ASMR World Tour is, no additional dates will be added, the company said. The tour is scheduled to start in Taiwan in April. EMI said a special “inner ear” extension to the stage would be added, with seating for 200 people. The section would provide fans with an immersive experience of the concert from transparent seats installed above the show’s LED floors, he said. The Taipei concerts are scheduled for April 1-16 and will mark A-mei’s return to the site for the first time since 2015, when locals complained about noise pollution and panic-causing vibrations during concerts. The venue later said it would approve performers whose concerts are louder than 63 decibels.


Ministry extends permits

Permits for employers of migrant workers that are due to expire by March 31 would be extended for another three months, the Workforce Development Agency said Thursday. Employers would not have to apply for the extension, as the agency would automatically grant the additional three months, he said. For example, a permit that expires on February 25 would automatically be extended until May 25, the agency said. Based on its regulations, employers wishing to recruit migrant workers from overseas must apply to the Ministry of Labor for a six-month permit, and their foreign workers are expected to arrive in Taiwan within this period. The automatic extension would benefit around 70,000 employers, the agency said. Statistics from the Ministry of Labor show that at the end of November last year, 675,672 migrant workers were employed in Taiwan, the majority of whom were from Indonesia, at 35.34 percent; followed by Vietnam, at 35%; the Philippines at 21.19%; and Thailand at 8.46 percent.

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