Netflix’s New Movie Criticized for American Flag Goof Up

Netflix's New Movie Criticized for American Flag Goof Up

A new Netflix series has become the source of plenty of outrage online after viewers spotted a massive mistake centered around the American flag. The Alyssa Milano-starring movie Brazen has only been available for streaming on the platform for a few hours, but it has garnered plenty of attention of spurred plenty of anger due … Read more

Cobra Kai Dethroned as #1 TV Series on Netflix

Fan-Favorite Netflix Series Soars Through the Top 10 After Season 2 Debut

since then Cobra Kai Season 4 premiered on New Year’s Eve, and the show was the most popular thing on Netflix, not only in terms of TV but everything on the broadcast service. All of that has now changed despite the arrival of the new season of a different series on Netflix and the removal … Read more