Sunday Long Reads: Living in the metaverse, The Lost Daughter, Bollywood’s baddies, and more

MetaKovan, the new czar of the virtual metropolis Origin City, with a purple crown, threw a big party last year to celebrate his most prized art acquisition, a series of images worth 2.2 million (more than approximately Rs 16 crore) per Beeple, American digital artist (real name, Mike Winkelmann). Guests danced on the floor of its new gallery or floated above it with gravity-defying abilities. Not only did he show off his collection, but he sold tokens, giving buyers a stake in his artwork.


How The Lost Daughter Tackles A Mother’s Social Dilemma

Olivia Colman Olivia Colman stars as the older protagonist Leda Caruso in The Lost Daughter, based on Elena Ferrante’s short story of the same name

It seems like I’ve been searching for the beautifully flawed, captivating, and utterly human Leda Caruso all my life.

The most striking moment of The Lost Daughter (streaming on Netflix) is when the younger self of Leda (Jessie Buckley) turns her face to the door and walks out. Leaving behind two adorable clingy young girls. She did everything she was asked, including peeling an apple as best she could, in a long, unbroken swirl, like a snake, their own game. And then she was done.


It’s a cat and dog story

cat and dog Can these two favorite human pets live happily ever after? (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Ever since they split from their common ancestor some 43 million years ago, cats and dogs have been at each other’s throats, with no quarter given or asked for. Worse still, they have dragged us into their long-standing rivalry and it is said that there have been cats and dogs since the Stone Age. Down In Jungleland (DIJ) now polls representatives of both species, on their opinion of themselves and each other, as follows:

IJD: Why do you two think you are the superior species? After all, you have the same common ancestor.

Cat: We are superior: we are cleaner, more independent, smarter, more beautiful, and more of us are kept as pets by humans than old bowwows here and his ilk!


How Mumbai’s CSMVS became a repository of memories and culture, through wars, plague and the pandemic

CSMVS The CSMVS building in Kala Ghoda (Source: CSMVS Collection)

After more than a decade of waiting, a museum was to be inaugurated in 1921 in memory of the Prince of Wales. Built in the Indo-Saracenic style, the memorial would have art, archeology and science sections, and would represent the Bombay Presidency and Sindh. It would also encompass the “eastern region”, including Tibet, Yunnan, Syria and Iran.


How a New Book Salutes the Villains Who Made the Classic Hindi Film Villain Eternal

bad guys Ajit, Bindu, Amjad Khan and Amrish Puri

The primary task of a badass villain in a typical hindi movie is to make the hero appear strong and righteous. After a protracted conflict, the villain is beaten, faces humiliation while the hero walks away with the heroine and the tag of benefactor,” says author Balaji Vittal, 53, whose latest outing is Pure Evil: Villains of Bollywood (HarperCollins; Rs 399).



Ralph Hunter Sr., founder of Atlantic City's African American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey, discusses the work of artist  Melvin C. Irons Sr., whose paintings depicting police violence against MOVE members.

Subversive 1970s MOVE art and ‘Stitch Their Names’ quilt honoring police brutality victims can now be seen in Atlantic City

Konami Sold This Castlevania Pixel Art For Over $26K In Its 'Memorial' NFT Auction

Konami Sold This Castlevania Pixel Art For Over $26K In Its ‘Memorial’ NFT Auction