Shawn Ashmore Interview: The Free Fall

Sean Ashmore is best known for his roles in superheroes such as Iceman in the X-Men Movies and flashlight lamp on boys, but he balanced those standout parts with his roles in “smaller” films and TV shows. his last effort, free fallIt allows him to show off his dramatic pieces. The film is about a woman who must deal with her bossy husband after her suicide attempt.

splash screen Talk with Ashmore about a variety of topics, including free fall Performance, it starts with cartoon, a possible return to X-Men, and more.

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Screen Rant: I’ve been in love with you ever since cartoon!

Sean Ashmore: The longevity of Animorphs is pretty crazy to me. You know, it was like two seasons when I was a teenager. But, I think at the time, there wasn’t a lot of mature science fiction in the mainstream media, as far as TV and movies were concerned. When I say mature, I just mean to target kids, but not the super goof. Don’t get me wrong, there were some funny things about Animorphs, mostly the influences and technology of the time. But these kids were in danger and they were fighting for their lives and struggling to save the world. It really had a lasting effect. I’m always amazed when people say, “I knew you from Animorphs.” Fabulous. We were like a bubble in Toronto shooting the show and it kind of came and went. But it had an effect, which is great.

I feel like this show is something that should be restarted or revived sometimes –

Sean Ashmore: 100 percent. There’s been rumors for a while, on Twitter, but it was from some sort of reliable source, people in the industry, that Universal has been talking about a reboot as a movie series. I think it’s time to restart, and I think the technology is in a better place. And once again, this great YA sci-fi streak goes where it can be fun and young kids are. With Stranger Things and Locke & Key and all these kinds of shows on Netflix where you put these young kids in these really intense situations, and it works really well, like, why not?

Do you want to be a part of it?

Sean Ashmore: 100 percent. 100 percent. indeed. Again, I think it was about a year ago, there was this discussion on Twitter that I kind of checked. And I started thinking, “Well, who do I want to play? Or what could the role be?” Which is either an older Jake, and that’s ideally what I’d like to do is turn Jake back on, but an older version, whether it’s a flashback or an intro or an intro or something like that. And then there are people like, ‘Or you can play [Principal Chapman]. “People had suggestions, but ideally, it would be great to play – I was thinking like Stand By Me, the intro where the character talks about his past and then comes in. It would be great to reconsider that. I think some actors are trying to get away from their past or things that People recognize them from her, and I don’t look at her that way. I’m grateful for all of these things. They all helped give me a career and are all characters that people still like, relate to, and have good memories of. So, for me, I don’t know. I guess It would be kind of fun.

Sean Ashmore in Free Fall

Yes, I like that you said it, because I’ve had so many lingering questions for you over the years that I’d like to get through.

But let’s jump free fall. I watched this movie last night and it was almost hard to write questions because I don’t want to give anything away. But how would you kind of describe what this movie is about? In broad strokes.

Sean Ashmore: The movie is about a character named Sarah, who, after attempting suicide, comes to her home, without remembering her life in the past. But her husband Nick is there. This is a movie that is kind of a mystery. It’s definitely a psychological thriller. But in fact, the story is told from Sarah’s perspective, as she tries to piece together her life after this tragic event. I would say, if you like thrillers and psychological puzzles, this is a movie for you. Nick, the character I play, is Sarah’s husband, who is just trying to get his wife back from his point of view. He is trying to connect again, create intimacy and communicate with her about the wonderful life they had, and the love they had before this event. This is the movie on the surface.

There is a lot more below. Again, I don’t want to get into a lot of spoilers, but the thing I loved about the script, as well as this character, is that Nick has a dark side. I loved the mystery that the character required. You’re not quite sure what his motives were – also, the breadcrumbs of story and mystery, because that’s what it really was. When I was first reading it, I was like, “What’s going on here?” On the surface, it’s one movie, but in the script, and I hope in the movie, there’s this undercurrent of something potentially really wrong, and I’m not sure if Sarah is so upset about the tragic event that she doesn’t see the world clearly, or if she Totally right and something is completely off. That’s kind of the fun in the movie trying to figure out the truth.

Here’s the thing too – you really dug the movie by the way – but you’re the tension throughout the movie. You are in that kind of role. How was that for you just when you clicked and tapped that part?

Sean Ashmore: Amazing. I read the script, and I sat down with Adam Stillwell, the director, and he also developed the script after its initial state, and I said, “I want to play this character.” And I never say that when I go to a meeting. I am sure. I am trying to sell myself. But I was like, “I need to play this role. You need to cast me because I loved the character.” And I loved again the mystery. But also, I can clearly see in my mind how I wanted to play this character. And again, he might be doing things that aren’t right, but his intentions were pure to me. And I don’t mean pure, like good. But I mean, I knew exactly what he wanted. He’s trying to get this woman back. He has a hole in himself that he’s trying to fill and so when he confesses his love and tells her he needs it, he needs it all. Not necessarily in the way the public might suspect. He manipulates her, yes, to get him something he really needs, but he means it. When he collapses and cries and says, “I can’t lose you again. I need you.” It means that. It is very pure and real. This is my thing. Besides whatever the revelations, whatever the mystery, I know he’s telling her the truth in some way. This is the mystery. He doesn’t lie to her most of the time, but he withholds the truth. Movies like this, I like that when you first watch them, you don’t know the truth you’re looking for, and therefore you miss out on the truth. But I’m hoping for a second watch, if people come back, they’ll say, “Oh, that revelation.” They will see that the truth has been there all along. They just didn’t know the truth they were looking for. That was the goal for me, and I think Adam and Andrea, was to tell him honestly, while allowing the mystery to exist.

There is some kind of element behind the scenes. I’ve watched you all my life. cartoon, as we mentioned, Cadet KellyAnd in a heartbeat. But I feel like I know you. So I’m like, “Okay, I’m watching. Sean Ashmore. He’s this amazing guy.” So it’s kind of this unsettling thing where you’re like, “This guy. I know him.” I don’t know if that makes sense.

Sean Ashmore: No. This is, again, part of the manipulation, the fun, and the anticipation, isn’t it? That’s why I don’t tend to play characters like this, with a dark side, like I said. As an actor, you’re kind of establishing a career, and as I said, “I see you like this. I see an actor playing this.” But the fun is out of it. And again, I was like, “I know, I can play this character.” I love doing this. Lamplighter from The Boys, another character I played a couple of years ago, was also in the genre where he’s not a bad guy, but a more complex guy. There is more going on there. What his motives are is a bit ambiguous, and he’s not the leading guy. He makes selfish decisions. I think that’s what Nick does, he makes selfish decisions. He doesn’t think of anyone else. He makes decisions for himself. That way, I don’t see him as a bad or evil man. I didn’t play it that way. I was just like, “He makes decisions for himself.” But I know what you’re saying. You have an expectation of what kind of role I will take. Then when you see it, and it’s different, you’re like, “Stop, that’s weird. It’s someone I know is now…” It’s more annoying because you feel comfortable with what that person is doing or how the character is going, and that goes somewhere else. You’re like, “Okay, that’s weird.” So I understood it. And that expectation was partly why I wanted to play a character like this, and certainly why I played The Boys. I was like, “Oh, yeah. I’m going to play Pyro. I’m a snowman and everyone thinks I’m a snowman. But I’m going to play Pyro. It’s going to kick everyone out.” That expectation, and I think that’s what The Boys do well too, plays into that expectation. But this is fun for me. I love those characters. I love doing this to people

Yes, I would like to ask you about the snowman since you raised him. Usually I do an interview, and I’ll probably say, “Do you think you’ll play the snowman again?” Knowing it’s a bit of a clickbait question, right? But now… I don’t know if you’re keeping up with the current Marvel events. everything is possible. It’s a real question.

Sean Ashmore: Yeah, I haven’t seen the latest Spider-Man movie, but I know that — I try not to spoil — but I know everyone from everywhere comes. Look, after Days of Future Past, I kind of accepted it to be our last movie, with this group of actors, anyway. Disney was acquiring the rights. It felt like the end of our characters, the original cast, it felt like the end of the story. And I kind of accepted that. But obviously anything is possible, and I have no idea what they would do. Are they going to cast completely new actors and start over? Are they going to pull actors from the Fox X-Men trilogy into the Marvel Universe? I do not know. If that happens, will I do it? 100 percent. no doubt. I grew up playing that character. I am a fan of the comic book. It’s the things that I’m into. So, I’ll do it again in a second. But I kind of accepted the fact that I had four movies, and that might be the case. And I’m so happy.

So it will be a bonus if that happens.

Sean Ashmore: 100 percent. Yes, it would be great. But I don’t have any expectations.

surprising. I didn’t even go in a heartbeat. But I just want to say that I loved this show. The second episode, the tarantula ring, ruined my life. very scary.

Sean Ashmore: Yeah, all those shows. You ran well, you know? Animorphs to In A Heartbeat to Cadet Kelly. I had a real Nickelodeon/Disney moment in my late teens, early twenties.

You look alike.

Sean Ashmore: Approx. I’ll be forty-three in October, and I mean, I don’t think I look the same. But yes, I put on sunscreen and stay out of the sun. This is my thing. I have some wrinkles, and my hair is going away. But basically, I’m the same person.

The funny thing is, when I was younger, I didn’t even know you were a twin. So I was really like, “This guy’s in everything!”

Sean Ashmore: The busiest actor in Hollywood. Yes, I understand that very much.

Thank you so much for your time free fall It is out January 14th. Thank you very much.

Sean Ashmore: Thank you. takes care.

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free fall Now showing in American theaters.

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