Scientists Have Found That Great Pyrenees Owners Love Their Dogs More Than Other Humans

In addition, some others prefer to spend their time with their dog rather than a friend or family member.

What was thought by the team before was that animal facial expressions were unconscious However, the study showed that dogs raise their eyebrows and even make their eyes bigger when they are trying to get attention from their owners or a person.

It was also shown that the presence of treats did not have impact on the expressions the dogs made, suggesting it wasn’t about them turning on the charm to get extra snacks. In spite of that, the researchers concluded it could be a route of communication between the owner and dog.

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The study did not surprise animal trainers. They knew it or were expecting for the result. Russell Hartstein said: Dogs give us their unconditional love, and many times people built stronger bonds with their Great Pyrenees than another human.

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