Scientists Have Found That Great Pyrenees Owners Love Their Dogs More Than Other Humans

In the given fake news, the victim was attacked by someone and was left without conscious with one broken leg and some other injuries. The study in fact revealed that most of them felt empathy for dogs than the human.


Another fact that scientists have found is that dog owner do not have problems spending money in their dogs, most of them are willing o spend as much money as possible o see their pups happy. Moreover, the study demonstrated that dog owners are willing to donate money to charity to help dogs rather than humans.

A study was realized with 300 people, they were not told what the experiment was about in order to get an accurate result. In the experiment they were asked to choose that if the had 100 dollars how much money would they donate to help dogs and how much o help humans. The result average gotten was that if they had 100 dollars 70 were going to be for helping dogs and 30 for humans.

Somehow they kind of look like beached beluga whales. A trio of Great Pyrenees on rocks by the seashore.

A study published in the journal Scientific Reports was done last month. The study showed why dog owners are so attached to their dogs. Dogs make more facial movements when a human is paying attention to them, that was what researching team said.

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