Science Says Your Yorkie Adopts Your Personality Over Time

They are gradually shaping the pet’s personality. Dogs, like humans, have emotional and character traits that affect their response in certain situations. New findings from Michigan State University reveal that, like humans, the personality of dogs may change over time.

“When humans experience great changes in their lives, their personality traits change. We found that this also happens to dogs — and to an amazing extent,” said William Chopic, a professor of psychology and lead author. “We expect that these dogs will have a fairly stable personality because they will not change their lifestyles like humans do, but in fact they change a lot. We found the similarities between them and their owners, the best time to train, and even their The time in a lifetime that can be more aggressive towards other animals.”
The study was published in the “Journal of Personality Research” and is one of the earliest and largest studies.

and is the largest – studies of its kind to examine changes in tykes’ personalities. Chopik surveyed possessors of further than tykes, including 50 different types. Tykes ranged from just a many weeks old to 15 times, and were resolve nearly between manly and womanish. The expansive check had possessors estimate their canine’s personalities and answered questions about the canine’s behavioral history. The possessors also answered a check about their own personalities.

“ We plant correlations in three main areas age and personality, in mortal-to- canine personality parallels and in the influence a canine’s personality has on the quality of its relationship with its proprietor,” Chopik said. “ Aged tykes are much harder to train; we plant that the‘ sweet spot’for tutoring a canine obedience is around the age of six, when it outgrows its hyperexcitable pup stage but before its too set in its ways.”
One particularity that infrequently changes in age with tykes, Chopik said, was fear and anxiety.

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