Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series leak spoils all the surprises

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 series is a few weeks away from its big debut alongside the Galaxy S22 series. But unsurprisingly for an upcoming Samsung device, a massive leak (via WinFuture) has spilled the beans on everything there is to know about the three flagship tablets. At the top of the food chain is the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, while the two main offerings are the standard Galaxy Tab S8 and its Plus variant.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Starting with the best-in-class Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, it’s one giant tablet, thanks to its massive 14.6-inch (2960 x 1848 pixels) OLED display that pushes it straight into the 2-in-1 category. The screen delivers a 120Hz refresh rate, with a layer of Gorilla Glass 5 on top to keep scratches in place. At its heart is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 system on a chip, paired with a generous 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of internal storage. Interestingly, Samsung keeps a microSD card slot for storage expansion.

Aside from its giant footprint and thick interior, what really stands out about the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is the notch. Since no sane person would use this huge glass and metal pane in a vertical direction for a long time, the slit was made at the top keeping in mind the use of the landscape. After all, when paired with a folded keyboard case, the 14.6-inch screen pretty much turns it into an Android 12 laptop. Rumors suggest that the 2022 iPad Pro update might get it treated well, too.

The notch has two cameras (12MP primary and 12MP ultrawide), and there’s an equal number of cameras on the back too, including a 13MP main and 6MP ultrawide. The battery inside is rated at 11200 mAh with fast charging support. It also features a 5G network, four stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos technology, and an S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 with S Pen.

For people interested in asking price, WinFuture puts out a rough estimate of between €1,140 and €1220, which translates to around $1300 to $1400 based on current conversion rates. Needless to say, it would be one expensive tablet aimed squarely at the M1-powered iPad Pro, but with some screen real estate.

Galaxy Tab S8 and S8 Plus

As for the Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab S8 Plus, their specifications are almost identical, except for the screen size and battery. The vanilla Galaxy Tab S8 offers an 11-inch (2560 x 1600 pixels) screen, while the Plus model has a 12.7-inch OLED display (2800 x 1752 pixels). 120Hz screen refresh rate technology is shared across both models, as is a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, 8GB of RAM and 128/256GB of storage with additional space for expansion.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus tablet.

The rear camera hardware is almost identical to the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, but the entry-level Galaxy Tab S8 and its Plus model only offer a single 12MP camera for selfies and video calls. The battery capacity is 8000mAh and 1090mAh for the Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab S8 Plus, respectively.

How Far Will These Smaller Tablets Fly From Your Bank Account? Well, Samsung is said to be asking between €680 (~$775) and €900 (~$1030) for the Galaxy Tab S8. For the larger Galaxy Tab S8+, WinFuture expects the price to drop somewhere between €1,040 (around $1,190) and €1,220 (around $1,400). Again, that’s a huge bonus, but these are rough estimates, so take it that way.

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