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Queer | Art, the New York-based nonprofit whose grant programs are among the most followed in the industry, presented its annual award for recent work to Anaïs Duplan. Recognizing an exceptional project by an American artist, it is accompanied by an unrestricted cash prize of $ 10,000. Duplan won for his publication Blackspace: on the poetics of an afrofuture (2020), a collection of interviews with contemporary artists of color, lyrical essays and ekphrastic poetry. Written during Duplan’s transition, the book deconstructs the relationship between creatives and the changing definition of “liberation.”

In a statement, the judges said “they were all very committed to the quality and policy of Duplan’s writing and the intent behind it; that his voice is a voice that is now rising, and that his voice is a voice that we will listen to for a long time to come.

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Photographer Felicita 'Felli' Maynard (left) with

Poet, curator and artist, Duplan was a member of the 2017-2019 joint public programs of the Museum of Modern Art and the Studio Museum in Harlem. In 2016, he founded the Center for Afrofuturist Studies, an Iowa City-based residency program for artists of color.

Receiving the award at an awards ceremony at the Whitney Museum in New York City, he said: “I have spoken a lot with students about this quote from Glissant, a fragment: ‘consent not to be one. to be’. I love this tenderness, that we could think of ourselves, not individuals in a vacuum, right? Sort of this individual genius model out and think more about the beauty that we embody together. “

In 2021, Queer | Art also honored the poet and the artist Pamela Sneed with its debut Black Queer | Art | Mentorship Award for Artists and Organizer, a mentoring award intended to recognize black artists and organizers “who elevate critical stories of black queer mentorship and exemplify unwavering commitment to shared community values QAM, ”according to a press release. In honor of its first recipient, the grant has since been renamed the Pamela Sneed Award for Black Queer | Art | Mentorship Artists & Organizers.

The organization’s fifth annual sustainable achievement award was also awarded to photographer Lola Flash in recognition of their portrayals of the queer community and decades of activism.

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