Netgear Meural Canvas II Digital NFT & Crypto Frame is a great showcase

Looking for a place to display your favorite photos? How about showcasing your precious NFT art collection? Now you can show off all your best artwork using Netgear’s cool new photo frame. Available in several frame colors, it is ready to be placed on your wall. Read on to find out more!

Digital frames have grown over the years to include many different shapes and sizes. They allow you to upload personal illustrations and photographs and sometimes live animated photos. While Netgear isn’t exactly known for digital displays, that hasn’t stopped the company from venturing into the territory. In fact, it seeks to integrate a new type of digital media: NFT. Let’s take a look at the new NFT and Crypto Netgear Meural Canvas II Digital Frame and see what it is!

Netgear Meural Canvas II Digital NFT & Crypto Frame is the perfect digital art showcase
Netgear Meural II is a great way to showcase artwork

Available in a variety of frame colors and styles to suit your space

Right from the start, Netgear wants to make sure that its Meural Canvas II frame will fit harmoniously into your living or office space. That is why they include more than one or even two standard options. The device comes with modern bezel edges in black and white, or dark and light wood. There are also two different sizes, which include 16 x 24 inch and 19 x 29 inch variants. Finally, you can use it in landscape or portrait orientation, if one is preferred over the other.

Netgear’s Meural Canvas II in action

Offers an anti-glare screen with patented TrueArt technology

The Netgear Meural Canvas II comes with an anti-glare IPS display. It also includes patented TrueArt technology which adds to its ability to display crisp detail in the photos and artwork you choose to have on it. It really helps the displayed images to shine, but, you know, without the glare that is.

Includes Async Art with NFT support and a library of selected parts

Whether you want to use the Netgear Meural Canvas II to showcase your NFT collection or traditional artwork, the device can offer both. It comes with Async Art and a full library of selected pieces for you to explore and choose from. There are also new ways to display and interact with certain pieces, for example, like art that gradually evolves in layers throughout the day. It’s a pretty cool way to enjoy digital artwork, especially in a new era of digital offerings.

Netgear Meural Canvas II Digital NFT & Crypto Frame is the perfect digital art showcase
Switch the frame between landscape and portrait orientations

A perfect setting that you can enjoy in your home or office

If you want to display digital artwork at home or in your office, it’s worth checking out Netgear’s new Meural frame. Between its aesthetic options suited to interior design and its support for new NFT artwork, it’s a great way to add a digital frame to your personal surroundings.

You can get the Netgear Meural Canvas II here for $ 399.95.

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