Netflix’s New Movie Criticized for American Flag Goof Up

A new Netflix series has become the source of plenty of outrage online after viewers spotted a massive mistake centered around the American flag. The Alyssa Milano-starring movie Brazen has only been available for streaming on the platform for a few hours, but it has garnered plenty of attention of spurred plenty of anger due to once scene in particular. Warning: This post contains spoilers for Brazen.

Making its Netflix debut on Thursday, Jan. 13, Brazen is based on Nora Robert’s novel Brazen Virtue And stars Milano as Grace, a prominent mystery writer and crime expert who, despite warnings from cool-headed detective Ed, gets involved in the case of her sister’s murder after her sister is killed and her double life as a webcam performer is revealed. One Netflix subscriber who pressed play on the film upon its premiere didn’t take to social media with glowing reviews, but rather to point out a glaring flaw in one scene that featured the American flag.In the scene, Rand (Daniel Diemer) and Jerald (Matthew Finlan) wrestle each other, and as the camera zooms out from the match and shows the full room, the American flag in the background appeared to be hung the wrong way.

When hung vertically, the American flag, the Union (the blue section with the stars), should be to the observer’s left, with the red-white stripes on the right, according to the US Flag Code. Brazen, however appeared to violate the US Flag Code and American flag etiquette by hanging the flag the exact opposite way, with the Union on the right and the stripes on the left. As a result, after the flaw was pointed out, according to MEAWW, backlash was sparked, and some subscribers declared they would not be tuning into the film, with several people responding to a Netflix tweet promoting the film that they had “no interest” in watching it. At this time, Netflix has not addressed the American flag goof-up.

Despite the mixup, or perhaps in spite of it and the spotlight it has shown on the film, Brazen has certainly captured subscribers’ attention. The film currently ranks as the second most-popular title on the Netflix US platform just behind Cheer, and is the No.1 ranked movie among all films available on Netflix in the US Netflix, however, hasn’t released any exact viewership date for the movie. Brazen is not available for streaming. Stay tuned to for the latest streaming updates!


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