Marks Honored By Culver Arts With Inaugural “Patron Of The Arts” Award

January 6, 2022

The Culver City Arts Foundation, which supports the arts in Culver City through its mission to preserve the past, enrich the present, and create the future of arts and culture in the community, recently honored the local real estate developer Wally N. Marks III with the Foundation Prize First Prize Patron of the Arts at their annual Holiday Event hosted by Village Well Books & Coffee. Culver Arts recognized Wally for his unprecedented support for culture and the arts in Culver City and Los Angeles.

Owner and operator of the Helms Bakery District, Wally partnered with Culver Arts for the innovative art exhibition and granting program, Projecting Possibilities, which provided a creative outdoor canvas for local artists while bringing accessible art and safe in Culver City amid the pandemic. Projected on the doors of the Helms Design Center, Projecting Possibilities featured a video installation that showcased the work of a new artist every week for over a year and offered artists compensation for their work. The exhibit was curated by Helm’s Director of Marketing and Communications and former Culver Arts Board member Angela Anthony and summarized the Culver Arts #CulverCityResilient campaign, which advocates the importance of the arts in the strengthening the resilience and unity of the community. Designed to cultivate creativity and encourage community bonds through arts and culture, rotating digital art exhibitions aimed to celebrate, nurture, support, promote and illuminate local artists during a dark time.

“Culver City is not only the heart of Screenland, but also the heart of culture, the arts, resilience and reimagination,” said Marks. “It is a blessing and I am honored to be the first recipient of this award and I hope I will be successful in my efforts to be part of the continued success of the Culver Arts Foundation.”

A community fixture and chairman of the Walter N. Marks Realty Company, which his grandfather founded in Los Angeles in the 1920s, Marks runs the family-owned property and asset management company with approximately 500,000 square feet of land. commercial and retail properties, all located in the greater Los Angeles area. One of their most notable projects has been the careful restoration and development of the Helms Bakery campus in Culver City. Fifth-generation Californian, Wally has deep community roots and is dedicated to the preservation of local culture by engaging in various civic and philanthropic initiatives, including the Craft and Folk Art Museum and the Natural History Museum, in addition to his work. with the Culver City Arts Foundation. .

“I can’t think of anyone more deserving of being recognized as the inaugural recipient of the Culver City Arts Foundation’s Patron of the Arts award,” said Jim B. Clarke, president of the Culver City Arts Foundation. “When every cultural venue was closed and performances were canceled due to the pandemic, Wally created Projecting Possibilities as a way to continue bringing art to the community while showcasing local artists.”

In honor of his patronage of the arts, Culver Arts presented Marks with the one-of-a-kind painting titled “The Heart of the City.” Designed and painted by award-winning Culver City artist Alexey Steele, the painting features a blooming jacaranda, inspired by the gorgeous purple trees that line the city streets near El Marino Park.

To support Culver Arts and the Arts Resiliency Fund, which is supporting local artists through the challenges of the pandemic with grants, donations are accepted at via To leverage the full amount of your donation at no charge, send checks to Culver City Arts Foundation, PO Box 4521, Culver City, CA 90231. Donations are tax deductible (FEIN 84-1697150) and 100% of funds will support directly Arts .

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