Local museum encourages community to take advantage of free museum days

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed that the world would one day understand what it was like to walk in his shoes and Studebaker’s History and National Museum gave kids the chance to do just that with admission free Monday.

Every day, Nahson Williams wakes up grateful for his work at the history museum. As a child, he loved discovering his hometown and the people who came before him.

“Growing up I always loved history, so my mum knows that, she’s not really a big history buff, so it wasn’t easy convincing her to take me to a museum. of history,” said Williams, a member of the Visitor Services team.

Always in search of more knowledge, Williams took advantage of the school holidays to convince her mother to take advantage of the free museum days.

Marketing director Marilyn Thompson says it’s been a tradition for more than a decade now, but fewer members of the community are taking advantage of it.

“We want to make sure that we encourage the community, especially on a day when schools aren’t open, to come visit and enjoy their local history,” Thompson said.

For many children, the days off school are usually not spent learning history.

Williams says her goal — especially on a day like today in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. — is to use her role as a guide to help all visitors see life from the perspective of some of the leaders. most influential in the world.

“I believe that this mission of museums is parallel to that. You know, providing a space for children to learn about you know the history of the city about and about the founders of the city and the people you know who make Indiana what it is today’ today,” Williams said.

Although the museum doesn’t offer free admission every day, Thompson says even a single visit can help improve your children’s lives.

“We think it helps everyone to think better, to be more to have a better experience with the community, with the world around them,” Thompson said.

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