Konami Sold This Castlevania Pixel Art For Over $26K In Its ‘Memorial’ NFT Auction

Just a few of the NFTs on sale...
Just a few of the NFTs on sale… (Picture: via Konami.com)

Whether you love or hate NFTs in games, it looks like some companies are out to monopolize this new trend.

One, in particular, is Konami, who decided to celebrate Castlevania’s 35th anniversary with a special “Konami NFT Memorial Collection” auction. He’s now sold all of the “14 unique artworks” which consisted of game scenes, BGMs, and drawn visuals, and managed to bank $162,000 in total. The sale took place on OpenSea – a marketplace where NFT artwork sells for an average price of around $12. k.

The highlight of the lot was the sale of a digital map (essentially just a JPEG) of Dracula’s castle (from the original Castlevania game) for $26,000. Yes, we are not joking… Konami can potentially cash in even more, as it earns royalties of up to 10% each time its NFTs are resold in the future.

This thing cost over $26,000...
This thing cost over $26,000… (Picture: Konami)

Interestingly, Konami will also be celebrating the winners of this auction by listing the names of the original buyers on its website for 10 months. A few other fun things include the fact that these NFTs won’t necessarily increase in value, and they might not even have a future. Here is Konami’s full review on this:

“Konami shall be solely responsible for granting the use of the NFT and the buyer’s benefits for the NFT and shall not provide any warranties for the NFT itself (e.g., continuity, compatibility with other services. )”

If you want a crash course in the world of NFTs, be sure to check out the story we posted yesterday:

If you feel like you’ve missed something, you can always go to Google, search for Castlevania artwork, and make it your screen wallpaper for free.


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