Is the Netflix movie kid-friendly?

rude / brassy, starring American actress Alyssa Milano, recently hit Netflix, and although the movie is still fresh on the site, thousands of Netflix users around the world are watching every second of this murder-mystery thriller, and loving it.

With its growing popularity, it goes without saying that this movie you should definitely watch over the weekend to see what all the acclaim is all about.

But before you do that, we want to tell you the age rating of this new version so you know if it rude / brassy It is a great choice for a family movie night or if you must watch it alone.

Everything you need to know is here.

Low age rating

Currently, Netflix has the 2022 movie listed as TV-14, which means those over the age of 14 can watch the movie with a mature adult next to them. However, those aged 13 or younger may wish to refrain from watching rude / brassy.

This age rating comes from the different scenes of the film where frightening/intense situations, violence and blood, rough language, or suggestive themes can be seen/heard. Some of them can be seen in the official Netflix movie trailer below.

knowing all this, rude / brassy It may not be suitable for you and your children. If so, try checking out other mystery-focused movies on Netflix like Big Mixed Middle School PuzzleAnd Searching for OhanaAnd Journey 2: Mysterious Island, And Enola Holmes.

If you want to see more of Alyssa Milano’s movie on your screens, the movie you were my home It should be just right for you.

rude / brassy It is just one of the many interesting mystery movies on Netflix. Whether you choose to watch this 2022 edition or any other equally hair-raising movies, you are sure to have a blast this weekend. Happy watching!

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