In “These Precious Days,” Ann Patchett reflects on her life and art

(This conversation originally aired on December 7, 2021)

Welcome to this archive edition of Midday. Tom halltoday’s guest is the acclaimed writer, Anne Patchett. She has won numerous awards, including the 2002 Pen Faulkner Prize and the Orange Fiction Prize, and his work has been translated into over 30 languages.

She is the author of eight bestselling novels, the latest of which, The Dutch house, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Her breakout book was a novel she published in 2001 titled Nice song, which was adapted for cinema in 2018. She is also the author of several non-fiction titles, including Truth and beauty, a memoir of his friendship with writer Lucy Grealy, and a magnificent collection of essays titled It is the story of a happy marriage. she is co-owner Parnassus Books, an independent bookstore in her hometown of Nashville, with her business partner, Karen Hayes.

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Those precious days: trials, by Ann Patchett

His new book was published two days before Thanksgiving. This is another collection of essays called Those precious days. Like his fiction, Patchett’s non-fiction work is musical, powerful, and compassionate. She has a big ear and a calm, infallible eye. And like his fictional characters, the actual friends and family that Patchett writes about are people you’re just so happy to meet.

Anne Patchett joined us on the line from Nashville.

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