“HOMIES’ Creator David Gonzales Partners With Non-Fungible Art To Drop NFT Collab Valued at $100MM+

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NON-FUNGIBLE ART, Inc. (NFA), is the new blockchain-centric white glove agency that empowers intellectual property owners, artists, businesses and brands to transform their business by leveraging the valuable technologies that offer NFTs. The NFA is thrilled to announce a partnership with artist and HOMIES creator David Gonzales, where they will release CRYPTO HOMIES Series 1 of 13, collectible interactive 3D digital NFTs in commemoration of 25 years of the toy.and anniversary in the first quarter of 2022. This will include the 6 original HOMIES figures, including Droopy, Eightball, Mr. Raza, Smiley, Big Loco and Sapo.

In 1998, David Gonzales created HOMIES, which are 2-inch plastic figurines inspired by his personal friends and iconic characters existing in California’s lowrider and barrio communities. Their first public introduction was in an underground comic strip, published by Lowrider Magazine from 1978 to 1982. After being unjustly banned by the LAPD, seen as a rogue exploitation of negative stereotypes, HOMIES sold over 120 million figures, quarter per quarter, in vending machines around the world. HOMIES and its extensive roster of over 300 characters are now studied in major college curricula and praised for having an overall positive effect on Latino culture and Chicano history.

“I always created characters based on people and stories around me, and HOMIES were definitely the most personal,” said HOMIES creator David Gonzales. “Partnering with NFA comes after hearing the anticipation and demand for a HOMIES NFT launch. I am certain that CRYPTO HOMIES will be the newest and most popular collectibles in the HOMIES universe.

The NFA team is working with David Gonzales and his company, Homieshop Properties LLC, to produce collectable, interactive 3D digital NFTs of HOMIES that can be collected, traded and sold on the blockchain. The “real world” will also be able to interact with HOMIES NFT in the HOMIES AR app which will be available on the App Store and Google Play in conjunction with the first release. The NFA will periodically offer collectors additional NFT HOMIES parachuted into their digital wallet. The initial series of HOMIES NFT will include the first original series in its original colorways, limited editions, and ultra-rare variants including Genesis, blank, silver, and gold versions. Some of these HOMIES will come with special perks and utilities, including but not limited to receiving a one-of-a-kind build gifted and signed by Gonzales, as well as a chance to win a Lowrider car and to be the first member of the CRYPTO HOMIES Lowrider Car Club.

“We are thrilled to offer a digital version of the characters which can now be collected and cherished on the blockchain and the metaverse in general. We expect the launch to further ignite passion for this nostalgic and classic brand that is more relevant today than ever. said Sidney Richlin, CEO of Non-Fungible Art.

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