Fan Art Combines Bored Ape NFT With Persona 5

Person 5, released by Altus in 2016, is the sixth entry in the Anybody role-playing series. It was followed by an enriched edition in 2019, Person 5 Royal. This release introduced new content and characters, including Advisor Takuto Maruki, a confidant and major influence in the story. Officially, Altus has not released any plans to take the Anybody series in the NFT era, but a Person 5 fan has created a playful piece of art that does just that.

The artwork combines Takuto Maruki with a monkey in the style of the “Bored Ape Yacht Club” collection by Yuga Labs. NFT Bored Ape have become some of the most recognizable in the world, with a collection recently surpassing sales of $ 1 billion. A number of prominent people own these NFTs, from Jimmy Fallon to Post Malone. At the time of writing, NFT Bored Ape sells for between $ 3,000 and $ 2.5 million.

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PKMany64 posted their illustrations to the comedy community / r / OkBuddyPersona / Reddit. The monkey has an expression that seems somewhere between exhausted and annoyed, and is decorated with Maruki’s hair, glasses, and clothes. Many readers responded that they would take a screenshot and save the image, scoffing at NFTs like the Bored Ape Yacht collection that are under increasing scrutiny, with some questioning their value, purpose and safety.

NFTs remain a hot topic in 2022, as does the practice of integrating blockchain transactions into games, especially in the form of virtual goods and goods. Game designer Peter Molyneux, famous for developing titles such as Black White and the Fable series, recently made waves for its latest project Heritage, a brand-new game that raised $ 40 million in virtual property sales. Ubisoft is also betting on the promise of blockchain ecosystems, recently integrating its Quartz NFT system into Ghost recognition.

However, attempts to integrate NFTs into gaming experiences have proven to be controversial in some instances, and arguably gamers have not embraced it as businesses would have hoped. Quartz, for example, received a lukewarm response. GSC Game World also recently dropped its NFT integration plan for its upcoming game. tracker 2, following the negative reaction from fans. This week, even Sega reassured the public that it would not be suing NFT content in the name of “just making money.” It is perhaps not surprising, then, that these Person 5 fans aren’t the only ones making fun of the NFT scene.

NFTs are useful for proving ownership of intangible digital assets, and they will likely be part of our digital future. Maybe by then there will be more than pictures of monkeys selling for thousands of dollars apiece. For now, anyone who can’t afford that bounty can at least be content with the irreverent illustrations of PKMany64.

Person 5 Royal is available now on PS4.

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Source: Indian Express, OpenSea

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