Each Main Characters First & Last Line In The Series

BBC Sherlock It featured a roster of great characters throughout its fourth season, all of which have changed drastically over the course of the show. From Benedict Cumberbatch’s memorable portrayal of Sherlock Holmes to Andrew Scott’s portrayal of the infamous Moriarty, the characters were complex and interesting in equal amounts.

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While some characters SherlockLike John and Molly, she looked very different from the characters she would grow into, the first and last line of each character included in her growth throughout the series, and these quotes are still definitive years after the last episode.

Molly Hooper

First: “Only in, 67, natural causes.”

Finally: “I love you.”

Molly was a shy but practical character with an infamous love for Sherlock himself. At first, Molly usually only appears when she’s in the morgue, as her first line in the series suggests. Her dedication to her job meant that, despite her shy demeanor, she was very pragmatic and unmoved by death, and thus other characters relied heavily on her later.

At the end of the SherlockMolly has proven on more than one occasion that she won’t be defined by her feelings for Sherlock, and she has done her best to move on with her life. However, as part of Eurus’ evil plan to mentally torture her brother, Molly is forced to tell Sherlock her feelings. The moment was devastating to watch, but Molly’s confession of her love was not only heartbreaking – it also showed her strength in being able to finally stand up to what she had been hiding for so long, and her words finally showed Sherlock how strong she can be.

Mrs. Hudson

First: “Hello Sherlock!”

Finally: “The kettle is there.”

Mrs. Hudson was one of the most beloved characters Sherlock For good reason. Throughout the series, she was always there for Sherlock and John, but was willing to downsize them if she felt they were doing the wrong thing. While her first line was fairly simple, her last line completely encompassed her personality.

He told Mycroft in “The Last Problem,” that Mrs. Hudson’s line was in response to her asking if he wanted a cup of tea, which has been a beloved element of her character throughout the series. However, Mrs. Hudson deeply hated Sherlock’s brother, and instead of offering her tea, she instead asked him to make one for himself. Biting yet comical in substance, her last words were a great representation of her character.

Greg Lestrade

First: “Well, they all took the same poison…”

Finally: “No, he’s better than that. He’s a good person.”

Greg was often portrayed as a stuttering, cynical detective who resented relying on Sherlock’s help, because it made him feel inferior at his job. However, he did show an appreciation for Sherlock’s skills in deduction, even if he didn’t always understand them – as the first line in the series demonstrates, which he showed trying to make sense of the situation at hand with little success.

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However, his last words represented the change in his way of thinking. After rescuing John and Sherlock in “The Final Trouble”, an officer was told, Greg’s words were a connection back to an earlier statement he had made to Sherlock, in which he made it clear that Sherlock would never be a “good” man. Since the officer he was speaking to called Sherlock “great,” Greg corrected him with this line, and it was a tribute to how far both men had come.

Mary Watson

First: “Sorry, it took so long.”

Finally: “When all else fails…Two men are sitting arguing in a filthy apartment. As if they were always there, and always will be. The best and wisest men I have ever known. The Baker Street Boys. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.”

Mary was one of Sherlock’s most shocking character developments, being introduced to the show in series 3 as Jon’s unsuspecting but kind girlfriend, only to be revealed that she was a killer living under a false name. Her first line was told to John, moments before it was revealed that Sherlock was still alive, and was a somewhat non-descriptive introduction to her character.

However, by the end of the series, Marie was one of the best characters in Sherlock. Despite her tragic death on The Six Thatchers, Mary’s last words came on the last episode of the show, in a recording left by John and Sherlock. Mary’s words were part of the closing soundtrack to the entire series, and served as a poignant reminder that whatever happened, the world had Sherlock and John, and they will always be over the other.

Mycroft Holmes

First: “Sit down, John.”

Finally: “It’s beyond our vision. No words can reach it now.”

Mark Gates as Mycroft in Sherlock's Final Problem

Introduced in the first episode, “Study in Pink”, Mycroft’s first words immediately describe him as Sherlock’s clever older brother. While trying to get Jon to spy on Sherlock for him, Mycroft was clearly a character who doesn’t care much about other people’s opinions and feelings, especially if they get in the way of his job.

At the end of the SherlockHowever, Mycroft appears to have relaxed a bit in his demeanor, as the situation with Eurus forces him to turn to Sherlock and John for help. Mycroft’s last words saw him uncharacteristically admit his failures, as he told his mother that his sister was far from being saved. His last streak was a moment of humility to his character, as he similarly denounced the amount of strength with which he was portrayed, but also made him human.

Jim Moriarty

First: “Oh, sorry. I didn’t…”

Finally: “And here we are, at the end of the line. Holmes killed Holmes. This is where I get off.”

Playing a clever front from the start, Moriarty’s first words were part of his trick as Molly’s new friend. His first streak was a retrospective reference to his complicit character, playing the clumsy and unsuspecting friend of Molly brilliantly, concealing his identity as a well-rounded criminal mastermind.

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Similar to Mary, Moriarty’s final words in the series come long after his death, and are recorded alongside Eurus’ takeover of Sherrinford, the prison she was placed in. As always, Moriarty’s last streak included his insane and frightening ways, as he was pleased with the fact that Sherlock and Mycroft were ready to die at each other’s hands, and carried out his metaphor of being a train conductor with frightening consequences that befit his character.

John Watson

First: “Yeah good. Very good.”

Finally: “Yes, I think you’d better walk around here.”

Martin Freeman as John Watson in Sherlock's Final Problem

Jun had one of the best character arcs SherlockThe series began as a man haunted by war with no idea where his life was going, but ended it quite the opposite. Presented in a therapy session, as he was trying to recover from the trauma of his recent experiences, the tone in his voice contrasted with how attached he was.

In between his first and last lines, John has grown exponentially as a character, finding his purpose in life working alongside Sherlock, and becoming a husband and father. Despite the pain he endured, such as losing his wife, by the end of the show he learned to be more open with others, accepting their help rather than indulging in his loneliness. His last line was to Sherlock, and while he was hidden, he showed him communicating with his friend so that they could watch Mary’s last farewell together.

Sherlock Holmes

First: How fresh?

Finally: “Do your best.”

Sherlock Holmes in a red suit on BBC Sherlock

Sherlock has been known to be heartless from time to time, and his first line in the series showed how reckless he acted toward death, treating it as something to take back clues from him and nothing more. His admittedly ignorant and pragmatic attitude often caused him many problems, but also allowed him to see things that others could not.

However, by the end of the series, it was clear that his rude and tough ways had subsided after all he had endured. With Eurus safely locked up again, Sherlock listened as his parents blamed Mycroft for keeping it a secret, then played a role in her escape. In a moment of rare companionship for Sherlock, he defended his brother. Given the usual state of a brother’s relationship, Sherlock’s last quote showed how far his character had come, and his quiet defense was a testament to his personal growth.

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