CSCW) to Launch Brand New NFT Products, Combining Virtual and Physical Art

NFT products launched online will include all Color World avatars. Users who purchase this NFT product will not only get exclusive rights to the avatars, but also a 3D printed figure. This NFT product launched by Color World has achieved the new combination of virtual and physical shapes. With very few physical products launched, NFT products are primarily network-based digital products. Color Star’s combination of digital and physical products is a new attempt, as the company wants owners to be able to show off their NFT products not only on the internet, but also in real life. In the future, Color Star is looking to launch more similar products.

Sir Lucas Capetien, CEO of Color Star, comments, “We always hope that our NFT products can have better collection value while being aesthetically appealing and practical. We made a bold attempt this time around to combine physical products with digital products online. We believe that more users will be happy to collect such NFT products. In addition, the owners of this Color World avatar NFT product series will be the sole user and copyright holder of the avatar in Color World and even the virtual world worldwide, which in my opinion is intriguing. Color Star has decided that the culture and entertainment industry is the most suitable for NFT products since we started creating Internet technology products. In the future, we will develop more similar NFT products, including celebrity co-branding products.

The NFT products launched by Color Star are expected to be available on major NFT trading platforms, as well as in Color World, for global users.

About Color Star Technology

Color Star Technology Co, Ltd. (Nasdaq: CSCW) is an entertainment and education company providing online entertainment shows and online music education services. Its business activities are conducted through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Color China Entertainment Ltd. and CACM Group NY, Inc. The company’s online training is delivered through its Color World music education and entertainment platform. You can find more information about the Company at

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