Crypto Samurai: NFT which Captures the Gritty Reality of Crypto.

Crypto Samurai are unique, audible and customizable samurai warriors armed, dangerous and ready to conquer the crypto worm having fun along the way.

Metaverse – A war against Fiat and a war waged to guarantee financial freedom.

The air of confusion or rather uncertainty around NFTs continues as Blockchain technology changes with every passing day all the talk about how the world works. Yet despite the criticisms that persist, digital finance is unquestionably becoming a reality. The future is hers. Inspiration for Crypto Samurais, their team, said, “Really came from an urge to find what we could best identify with as traders, investors and just crypto enthusiasts. We know we have our Crypto Punks, Crypto Kitties, or any Doge Meme NFT to choose from, and don’t get me wrong, these NFTs are awesome, but for us something was still missing ”. Crypto Samurais with their unique art has returned to the reality of crypto. Crypto is also war! A war against fiat and a war waged to guarantee financial freedom. There will be ups, downs, bumps and curves in this war, but the best way to win a war is to have strong allies! So they decided to create an NFT that encompasses the fun and the war that is the crypto landscape and they are calling everyone who bought a dip, hodl’d and have the diamond to become Crypto Samurais!

The name Samurai itself describes what the public should expect. Samurai are decisive, courageous, honorable, loyal, and brutal when needed, all of Crypto’s vital attributes. Each Crypto Samurai has its own story to tell, which makes it more than just a picture. Crypto samurai come in six different types including: male, female, great ape, zombies, robots, and aliens, with every pixel having been carefully examined. NFT Crypto Samurai will even offer customization options to their own, which will be able to change the names and backgrounds of their samurai by joining clans within the community. In addition, each Crypto Samurai comes with its own hymn of war or peace which can be played directly from the Minter or Opensea app.

From exquisite works of art to the hymns played by each warrior, everything has been done to present customers with the best of hand-drawn, customizable, audible and program-generated art. The Crypto Samurais project is very promising. Developers are energetic young people who fully understand their target audience. Their presale went live on December 19, 2021.

Definitely own one of their unique, customizable, and audible warriors to become a Crypto Samurai. Mint here: https://Mint.CryptoSamurais.Art

For more details and information, visit their website.

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Country: United States


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