Crossing the NFT Frontier as a Content Creator

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) took the world by storm in 2021, moving from an underground technology known to a few to use by the masses, being featured heavily at events such as Miami Art Week.

Grit Daily and Token Society brought together Braunwyn Windham-Burke (Real Housewives of OC), Victoria Brito (Sneakerhead) and Adam Cohen Aslatei (S’More Date) to discuss why NFTs can’t be ignored by the creators of contents. In a candid conversation with Jordan French of GD, these star creators shared their experiences with their careers, followers, monetization efforts, and how NFTs are changing them all.

As NFTs become increasingly relevant in popular culture and new platforms, making it easier for anyone to create and distribute their own NFTs directly to their subscribers, removing record companies and other middlemen from the equation. So far, NFTs have made headlines when associated with names like Beeple and Pak, figures like Snoop Dogg and Jack Dorsey, or organizations like Time Magazine and Nike.

This coming year promises to democratize NFTs, ushering in a new era for content creators to generate content and engage with their fans, as well as to better monetize the content they create. Victoria Brito used musicians as an example saying:

“NFTs for musicians are great because we take out the middleman, which is a record company, and all the excess money that the record company spends on an artist, than technically the artist. must repay. “

Victoria, who is also a dancer, model and designer in addition to being a sneakerhead, has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram and shared her struggles to generate income. When asked how creators should think about NFTs to be successful, she said:

“If you pretend it won’t work. If you’re organic to yourself, that’s half the battle in any type of nft. As long as you are genuine to yourself, you know your product and you know yourself, you are fine. If you just focus on “I want to sell X amount of this NFT”… it will never work. “

Braunwyn and Adam also provided important insight into the benefits and potential of NFTs for the creator economy, which goes beyond monetization and the digital art world. The full panel is available through the Grit Daily YouTube channel and is sure to provide important information for anyone looking to leverage NFTs to reach their audiences in 2022.

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