Best Apple deals available right now: January 2022

Apple has earned a double reputation as a company known for producing status code products, and as a retailer that rarely offers many discounts to the average consumer. However, a lot of third-party retailers, and even Apple itself, have exceptional promotions going on right now. Let us help you find those deals and save some cash while buying in the always desired Apple ecosystem. We’ve collected the best savings currently available across several categories here. Whether you’re shopping for an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, AirPods, or accessories, we’ve got a deal you’ll definitely want to know about.

Pricing Summary


retail price

best available price

iPhone 13 . series

From $729 to $1,599




iPhone SE

$399 to $499


iPad (9th generation)


$299 ($30 off)

iPad Air (4th generation)


$539 ($60 off)

iPad Pro 11 inch


$749 ($50 off)

MacBook Air M1


$949 ($50 off)

MacBook Pro M1 13-inch

1299 USD

$1,149 ($150 off)

Mac Mini M1 (256/512 GB)

$699 – $899

$649 – $829 (off up to $70)

Apple Watch Series 7


$349 ($50 off)

Apple Watch Series SE

309 bucks

$274 ($34 off)

Apple Watch Series 3


$169.99 ($30 off)

AirPods (2nd generation)


$110 ($19 off)

AirPods (3rd generation)


$139 ($40 off)

AirPods Pro


$190 ($60 off)

AirPods Max


$460 ($89 off)

MagSafe Clear Cover for iPhone 13 Pro


$39 (10 off)

MagSafe Clear Cover for iPhone 13


$37 ($13 off)

MagSafe battery pack


$90 ($9 off)

Apple Pencil (1st generation)


$85 ($15 off)

Apple Pencil (2nd generation)


$115 ($14 off)


Best iPhone Deals

Apple’s latest model, the iPhone 13, may be called the same iterative design changes that the company has undergone in recent years, but that doesn’t mean it’s still one, if not the The best smartphone on the market. Its exceptional cameras, particularly long battery life, and extremely smooth ProMotion display create a package that screams “high quality”. Jason Cipriani gave it a 9.4, calling it “good enough to be the best.”

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If you’re looking for a cheaper entry point into the iPhone ecosystem and crave the actual tap of the home button or are just hoping for the cheapest method ever, consider the company’s iPhone SE. Its A13 Bionic chip is still ready to compete with the 2022 flagship, while the single camera produces more than serviceable photos and videos.

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iPhone deals tend to be a unique breed. While most of the items on this list will have either a fixed dollar amount or percentage discounts, things get a lot more murky when carriers step in. The best iPhone deals usually include either billing credits, rebates, or trade-in rewards for customers wanting to hand over their existing device. Our pick deals are a mix of these, including a carrier’s iPhone 13 promotions and one that can give you an iPhone SE for free.



Best MacBook Deals

It would be an exaggeration to say that the Apple M1 SoC (System-on-Chip) has changed the game when it comes to laptop components. Then again, the combination of impressive battery life, excellent performance, and minimal heat generation continues to dominate much more expensive competitors more than a year after its debut. How many other CPUs or SOCs can you remember with this staying power? Maybe it wasn’t overkill after all… Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly MacBook Air or a versatile 13-inch MacBook Pro, we’ve got you covered below.

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Best Mac Mini Deals

What the M1 MacBook Air and Pro did for the laptop market, the M1 Mini did for the desktop market. This small column can replace larger and more expensive desktop computers for all but the most energy-hungry users. Its continued availability led to a time when home PC builders and even PC manufacturers were struggling to source components, leading many, many converts to join the macOS ecosystem with the M1 Mini as their entry point. The Mini’s $700 starting point is already exceptional value, but the sales we’ve found below cut it even less.

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Best Apple Watch Deals

Apple has been at or near the top of the wearables market since the original Apple Watch launched. While some lament the lack of external changes to the series, it’s hard to deny that its internal components and capabilities have grown and evolved to an impressive degree over the years. The 7 Series comes with new features such as a larger edge-to-edge screen; 33% faster charging and new health tracking capabilities. Meanwhile, the Series 3 remains an excellent entry point for those who want to save some cash by skipping the latest bells and whistles, and the Apple Watch SE offers a more budget-friendly option in the company’s wearable ecosystem. All three can be found for sale with the deals we’ve listed below

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Best AirPods Deals

Apple’s approach to the wireless earbuds market has really evolved since the launch of the original AirPods. The addition of wireless charging and spatial audio upped the line in audio quality, while the customizable fit of AirPods Pro provides an entry point for those of us with ears that can’t accommodate the supposed one-size-fits-all nature. of the standard models. Although the wireless market has been truly flooded with worthy competitors from Jabra, Sony, Beats and others, Apple’s line remains head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to the convenience of those already locked into its ecosystem. Instant pairing, effort, quick switching between devices, and the ability to track and find lost AirPods are all things third-party companies can’t match. We’ve got deals below on Apple’s latest generation of standard and Pro models, as well as older AirPods for those looking to save even more cash.

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For those who prefer over-ear headphones, Apple has also expanded the line with the addition of AirPods Max. These audiophile-grade headphones offer easy-to-use on-ear controls, excellent sound quality, and tank-like build quality without sacrificing any of the mobility of their smaller cousins.

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Best Accessory Deals

Now that you’ve scrolled through some of the best deals available right now for Apple products, let’s show you some of the best accessories you can get with your new devices.

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