Home review – Franka Potente makes directing debut with haunting ex-con drama | Movies

IIn 1998, Franca Potente earned her movie star streaks by playing the lead role in Run Lola Run. Potente spends much of this movie, as the title might suggest, in constant motion as her character rabbits wander around Berlin trying to find 100,000 German marks to rescue her endangered boyfriend. In stark contrast, in her … Read more

Nobody Saves The World Review

Nobody Saves The World Review

Canadian Developer Drinkbox Studios brings something out of a series with great games, having released the excellent Guacamelee! It’s a great sequel and a great first-person dungeon crawler. sectioned. Now the studio is back with its latest adventure, Nobody saves the world, which is another cracking device. A top-down dungeon crawler that retains Guacamelee’s hilarious … Read more

Mediatel: Mediatel News: Performance planning for 2022: a new series

Performance planning for 2022: a new series

Strategy leadersEach month through the end of the year, this series will guide you through performance planning and budget optimization. When it comes to media planning, historical performance data is often our most useful reference point. In fact, it is not uncommon for companies to simply increase or decrease the weight of previous year’s plans … Read more

Redeeming Love Review: Yet Another Dull And Dusty Romance Adaptation

Abigail Cowen and Tom Lewis in Redeeming Love

Reading a romance novel can be an exhilarating adventure. It is an independent experience of imagination that often allows the reader to turn off their minds and surrender to pure imagination. Of course, Hollywood has spent decades working to bring the sentiment-packed genre of drama to the big screen, with bestselling phenomena across the board … Read more

Realme 9i First Impressions: A Worthy Successor?

Realme 9i First Impressions: A Worthy Successor?

Realme 9i is Realme’s first launch in 2022 in India. It is also the first smartphone in the new 9 series. As its name suggests, this is the successor to Realme 8i, which was well established and did well in our review. So is Realme 9i a good upgrade? I got my hands on this … Read more