Archive 81’s Matt McGorry Breaks Down the Series’ Mystery (Interview)

Netflix Archive 81 Dive into the type of footage found. The supernatural series revolves around Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athey), an archivist assigned to recover burned video tapes from 1994. While rebuilding the work of documentary Melody (Dina Shihabi), Dan learns that she has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Dan and his best friend Mark (Matt McGorry) delve into the case, becoming obsessed with finding Melody and her religious research. Dan becomes convinced he can save Melody from her fearsome fate, despite the strange connections between the cult and his past. Archive 81 It is executive produced by showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine (boys) And malignantJames Wan and Michael Clear.

previous to Archive 81Debuting on Netflix on January 14, CBR spoke with McGorry about his role in the supernatural thriller series. McGorry discussed what it’s like to work within the type of footage found and the fun it has been in unraveling the mystery of Melody’s disappearance.

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Archive 81. Episode 102 of Archive 81. cr.  Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

CBR: After getting out of How to get away from murder, what made Archive 81 The right view to shut you down as a regular serial again?

Matt McGorry: For me, as an actor, one of the most exciting things is playing a variety of characters, in a variety of different genres. I feel like I was very fortunate and fortunate to have had the opportunity to be this 3rd show that I’ve been to regularly, shows of different colors and different characters. A new challenge and living with someone new is always really exciting. The text itself was complex and layered in a way that really drew me to it.

Archive 81 It is my first deep dive into horror. Are you a fan of this genre?

I am a very sensitive person. I remember watching an episode of unknown files When I was in high school. There was just something about the little white cockroaches crawling under people’s skin. I definitely had some nightmares. I haven’t even seen Gloss All the way because it scares me. I have a lot of respect for this type. Get out It was one of my favorite movies, with amazing social commentary. But my gentle disposition can’t handle much of it.

Found footage is a major subgenre of horror. What makes it an effective way to tell stories?

I remember seeing The Blair Witch Project in theatres. That was an experience. There is something intimate about it. It takes quite a bit of the distance we know we get from watching something that looks like a standard movie or TV show. It certainly seems more intimate. At least from my own experience with it, I find that it really attracts me in a different way. I imagine myself on the other side of it, in a way that doesn’t come easily with things that are no snapshots.

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Archive 81. (from left to right) Mamoudou Athie as Dan Turner, Matt McGorry as Mark Higgins in Episode 101 of Archive 81. Cr.  Clifton Prescod/Netflix © 2021

Let us know who you are, Mark, and where does he fit into the bigger picture?

Mark is an eccentric character, larger than life. He’s so passionate and obsessed with this live podcast that he’s doing, Mystery Signs. He is really smart. It is somewhat isolated. He also longs to be a part of things and receive validation. Dan is his best friend, and they have been friends for a very long time. He is very loyal to his friends. They are very different in their personalities, which is why they work so well together.

So far, this is the second project that Mamoudou and I have worked on together, where we played the role of friend with each other. the first one is not busy. Mark moves through his friend’s loyalty, but also to get information that can be useful in his podcast and tell his story.

How much does Mark buy the supernatural and what do these bars represent? As a result, how much did Dan push or pull?

I think Mark is a believer and a skeptic. He wants so much to believe. I can imagine him telling a story that he thinks is a good story, whether he thinks it is true or not, about something supernatural. I think when it comes to trying to discern whether the story actually contains supernatural elements, he’s very skeptical. He’s seen a lot of stories like this and he’s been a part of many stories like this, and he has a very good radar for that.

But I don’t think he has to believe the story is 100% true to make it a fun story. However, when Dan explores all the different details and Mark supports him, he makes a very clear distinction between what is a podcast and what is real life. This is very important to him.

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Archive 81. Dina Shehabi as Melody Bendras in episode 105 of Archive 81. cr.  Clifton Prescod/Netflix © 2021

There are some really scary soundtracks and location settings. Which raised some hippies from you and why?

Many of the scenes were in relatively familiar places. I had the opportunity to look around and explore. In the complex, it has a creepy vibe. It’s cool in terms of how it looks, but it has a certain amount of deadness… There’s something interesting about this contrast, “Oh, it would be nice to be in this really big place on my own, but it’s also sterile and feels like it has no soul.”

Looking back, what surprised you the most about filming a horror TV series?

In some respects, the similarities between gameplay in this genre and other shows such as How to get away from murder. The experience as a viewer is vastly different. From the actor’s point of view, I’m still trying to create the most realistic performance. I always thought of everything in front of me as realistic. In terms of the acting process, taking things that seem supernatural… When you give them the same level of meaning, like the events we all know happen every day, the actual process ends up feeling very similar. This is just my experience with it.

Down the mysterious rabbit hole of Archive 81, which is now streaming on Netflix.

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