7 Amazing Signs That Show Your Yorkie Has You Trained

Have you ever felt that’s you, and not your dog , the one who’s been well trained? If so, in this article will show you  amazing clues to know who is the trained one. We’ve put together this handy guide in order to help you determine who really carries the leash in the relationship with your yorkie.

Your free time is focused on your yorkie

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Schedule is always a problem for you. However, when you do spare some time to get together with friends or family, it has to be in a place where dogs are allowed. Because you always bring your dog everyplace you go. Otherwise, you would just spend the whole evening worrying about him and that’s stressful for you.

Your dog will always give you some commands to follow

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Most of the cases you thought you were training your dog to ring a bell, scratch at the door or bring you her leash to let you know when she needed to do her things, however, most of the cases, your dog is just looking for a little of your attenion or some entertainment. And you always happily respond to these cues by stop doing everything you were doing and taking her out to the park for a walk. So, really, you are the one who has been trained.

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