650,000 People Visit the NFT Winter Festival, Which Is the Largest Exhibition in Korea.

Blockchain company Edenloop announces a 3D NFT solution visual loop system that can be used in the metaverse and the real economy.

Toronto, Canada, Jan. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

The extraordinary art exhibition NFT (The World That Cannot Be Replaced), which had been supervised by Edenloop Network Inc. (EDENLOOP), which is a Canadian company, in collaboration with COEX, was successfully held .

Various digital artworks through ‘The Frame’ of Samsung Electronics, which had participated as an official partner, had been exhibited.

“The COEX NFT Winter Festival” brought together 24 domestic famous artists, more than 50 NFT artworks, and Samsung Electronics as an official partner company.

He had been prosecuted from December 23 to December 31 in the past. And, during this period, with around 650,000 people visiting, the status was boosted as the largest NFT festival in Korea.

Vice President Seong Il-gyeong of Samsung Electronics’ Video Display Business Department said, “At the exhibition this time, thanks to Samsung Lifestyle TV including ‘The Frame’, I am delighted because we were able to deliver the excellent artworks to the customers. In the NFT digital art market, which has grown rapidly very recently, Samsung’s Lifestyle TV will play the role of digital canvas in a great way.

Meanwhile, from the year 2022, the ‘Visual Loop’ system, which was combined with the 3D WebGL technology which had been owned by Edenloop, was introduced. Unlike the ordinary 3D solution, it had been produced based on the web-based graphics library so that cross-platform could be used easily without a separate plug-in.

It was stated that, based on this, through the sole binding of this service, not only the creation of an NFT of the three-dimensional creative works, products, etc. in basic file formats, including image, video, 3D voice data and other similar, for users are included, but, also, support is given to be applied in real time inside of the metaverse, too, which has developed at the present time.

A person from Edenloop said, “We discussed the direction of continuing the business as a pre-existing big business and as a real economy and globally holding an NFT festival every year.

Regarding the Edenloop NFT, as a significant value that is used and extended to the metaverse, it presents a vision to establish itself permanently in the market. And, including the visual element, the NFT that can be used by the metaverse and in the real economy is pursued.

It has been established as a system capable of transforming all file formats into NFT. And, starting with Web3D NFT this time, which is an area of ​​experts, all things in the real world will be digitized. And, thanks to a transaction at Edenloop, a foundation to become a web3 platform will be prepared.

Website: https://edenloop.net/

CONTACT: Name: James Organization: EDENLOOP Network. Inc. Phone: + 82 1899 6397
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