2. They can scent disease

5 Amazing Secret Only Dachshund Owners Understand 2
Photo by Melissa Lynn‎

We all know dachshunds have a very good sense of smell that they can sniff from far away. However, we still think that dog can barely scent disease, but it has been proved in some research recently that they can scent disease.PAGE BREAK

In 2006, scientists trained dachshunds so they could sniff out diseases like breast cancer or embryonic cancer and the results were surprisingly high up to 90%.

3. Food for dachshunds

5 Amazing Secret Only Dachshund Owners Understand 3
Photo by Nathan Crandall

Many people believe that foods are good for human health will be also good for their dachshunds. However, this is not true, there is some human food which cannot be absorbed by dogs.

Nuts like grapes, raisins, garlic onions or caffeinated varieties can all be harmful to doxie friends. Even foods like apples can kill your dachshunds.

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