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The new Bayside Gallery, located in the dining room of the Bayside Oceanfront Resort in Parksville, will feature a new exhibit starting in January.

In partnership with the complex, the McMillan Arts Center (MAC) and the Oceanside Community Arts Council, artists Cindy Mersky, Sarah Boileau and Pattiann Withapea will present their works from January 4 to March 31, 2022.

Mersky’s “Mid-Island Modern” was created using the lift-off technique, often viewed as the opposite of collage as an exercise in subtraction and not addition, where art is created in tearing off pieces of an image and leaving fragments of paper and overlaying previous images.

“The colors, textures and the overall feel of my work were influenced by memories of my childhood in the 60s and 70s. Music, fashion, TV shows, commercials, interior design – it was all so cool and groovy. . Our house was filled with mid-century modern furniture and artwork, my dad drove a pink Cadillac with giant fins and Delighted was on TV. Hope you get the vibe, ”Mersky said.

Boileau’s collection, “Places of Power”, of realistic oil paintings expresses his preference for painting landscapes with strong sculptural forms. As a child, she was strongly influenced by her mother’s passion for photography and many family camping trips to the mountains of northern British Columbia.

She considers herself a primarily self-taught artist, although she has learned a lot over the years from other artists. His paintings have been shown in exhibitions all over Vancouver Island, including the MAC.

“I have always been inspired by the natural beauty of our planet, all of this, and all the more so because of the differences and contrasts. It fills my heart with joy to see a mountain shrouded in misty clouds, or the fresh green of new spring leaves. These visions evoke a strong sense of awe and gratitude and I open my heart to the landscape, letting it become a part of me. Every painting I have created comes from this place. I hope to bring more love and beauty into our lives by creating works of art that embody the spirit of nature so that we can always remember how it sustains and nourishes our souls, ”said Boileau .

The works that Withapea will exhibit at the Bayside Gallery are part of his latest collection, “The Oceana Series”.

These unique semi-representative works pay homage to his aerial views of some of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful beaches, as well as the beaches and coves that surround his home in Nanoose Bay and provide him comfort and endless inspiration. . Additionally, she has included a selection of some of her recent abstract mixed media works.

Withapea’s abstract paintings demonstrate her desire to break away from traditional ties to express her voice as an artist.

Working with alcohol ink, resin with pigments, acrylic paint and mixed media inspires her to push the boundaries of tradition and create new techniques while incorporating non-traditional elements that give his work a unique imprint.

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