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ignorant It may be an iconic movie from the ’90s, but despite its age, this movie manages to be a fun, timeless, and just plain fun ride for any generation. It is loosely based on the classic Jane Austen novel whatever, a colorful teen comedy that follows the manners of Cher, a wealthy, self-absorbed but kind-hearted teen, as she tries to “improve” the lives of everyone around her. Along the way, we’ve been treated to a great showcase of exaggerated ’90s fashion, bouncy pop choices, and so on, plenty of quotable dialogue.

In some ways, it’s funny to look back ignorant And we see how it was clearly meant to be an exaggerated satire. Things like teens who have cell phones with them at all times are treated as exaggerated jokes – now they are just part of normal life! There is something really fun ignorant, though, in how to play with the usual tropes of teen movies.

Usually the “famous” children are the scoundrels, and the heroine is “not like the other girls”. in a ignorantEach group has their own little problems, but only two people are actually terrible. While Cher is pretty much “like the other girls,” she doesn’t have to give it up to help develop her character.

This irrepressible joy and big heart is the reason ignorant It has held up as a classic for decades now, and has definitely made a huge impact on teen films in recent years as well. While nothing can capture the same feelings quite like ignorantThere are plenty of movies that pair perfectly with it. If you are looking for double feature or just want more similar movies ignorantIn this article, we’ve rounded up some of our best recommendations for the gallery ahead. How many of these are your favorites already?

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