15 Cutest Dachshund Mix Dog Breeds

They need a lot of interaction with humans to make them happy. They love to be the center of attraction. These personalities are right with families with young children or even with other pets in the house.


This is the product of breeding Papillon and Dachshund. Both of their parents have unique characteristics and personalities which their puppies inherited.

Papshunds have so much energy that they always love to play and move around. They also love to socialize with other people and pets. However, they are sometimes sensitive.

Positive reinforcement should be used in dealing with them. Therefore, gentle and proper treatment to Papshunds is necessary for them to be happy and healthy.

You also have to be watchful to them to ensure that they are out of trouble. If young children play with Papshunds, there should be parental guidance to ensure that everyone will be safe. Supervision of adults is a must.


The parents of Shethund are the Shetland Sheepdog and Dachshund. These dogs are smart, very energetic, and of course, active. 

Shethunds have hunting instincts that are inherited from their parents. As young as they are, Shethunds should be trained in early socialization. On the other side, they are very loyal to their owners.

Although they are small in size, they are always ready to defend themselves from any harm. But never expect that they will always guard your house.


This type of dog is a mix of Rottweiler and Dachshund. The two parents are opposite each other. One is bulky and large, while the other one has a long and slender body.

The parents may be different from each other, but cross-breeding them may have good-looking puppies.

But it is expected that Dachsweiler has various appearances. They also have a playful side. But still, they need training at an early age, and it should be consistent.


This breed of dog is a mix of Mini Pinscher and Dachshund. Doxie-pins are a little bit reserved; so, the tendency is that they are quite social.

They are also caring and curious about things around them but never expect them to be playful and love so much a life like there is always a party.

They are a little bit shy. However, they show a well-balanced temperament. It is natural to them to be inquisitive, especially if you take Doxie-pins for a walk or jog. At home, they also show happiness being with their owners.

Dachsi Apso

This type of dog is a product of cross-breeding Lhasa Apso and Dachshund. They are usually small in size, yet they are full of courage.

They are very much confident when they are outside. They show it through barking. Dachsi Apso dogs have positive personalities such as playful, energetic, and calm.

Aside from being playful, they love it much when children surround them. Whenever they get attention from people around them, they never run out of energy.

Therefore, they only require a minimal amount of exercise. In some situations, they can also be calm and like to be cuddled.

Certainly, there will be no dull moments when you are bonding with Dachsi Apso dogs because they are fun and enjoyable to be with.

The lists mentioned above of cutest Dachshund mix dog breeds are just some of those mix dog breeds. They are just on top of the list since they are commonly referred to by many as the cutest.

Do you now have your choice? In choosing the best mix dog breed for you, you have to consider the following:

  • Size
  • Coat
  • Physical appearance
  • Personalities (playful, energetic, intelligent, smart, etc.)
  • Parent of mixed dog breed (breed background)
  • Level of temperament
  • Health issues
  • Behavior
  • Basic needs (diet, exercise, check-up such as vaccination or dental)
  • Life span
  • Likes/hobbies and dislikes

After considering these things, you better understand your role as a pet owner. Owning a dog is just like having a child/children.

You now have a great responsibility for your pet dog. If you are a beginner as a dog owner, try to study about having a pet dog.

Learn the skills, strategies, and methods being used to take care of these dogs. Suppose you cannot do other responsibilities alone.

In that case, you can seek the assistance of a veterinarian or other people who know how to handle these kinds of dogs, especially in providing proper training for them.

Aside from the diet and health care, there should always be proper exercise and consistent training for dogs. This is to ensure that they will behave well in any situation. 

Remember, discipline among dogs is very important. This can only be achieved with consistent and proper training, which should be done by knowledgeable people and those who have the passion, determination, and patience to do it. So, if you love your dog, attend to its needs carefully and seriously.

Source: puppiesclub.com

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