14 Interesting Facts about Miniature Yorkie Dog Breed

5. Huddersfield Ben is a Famous Yorkshire Terrier

There are many famous Yorkshire Terriers throughout history and probably the most famous of these is called Huddersfield Ben. The reason he is so famous is that he set the standard for the breed as we know it today. Huddersfield Ben was a show and stud dog that was owned by a woman called Mary Ann Foster.

He was very successful in shows and one authority on dog breeds described him as the best dog of his breed during his lifetime. He had such good traits that he soon became considered the standard for the breed. Huddersfield Ben’s portrait was famously painted by George Earl in 1891. As everyone wanted a dog just like him, he fathered many puppies. He is still often referred to as the father of the breed to this day

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6. Some Say They Have a Hypoallergenic Coat

One of the reasons why the Yorkshire Terrier is so popular that it has a hypoallergenic coat. This is because they shed far less than other long-haired breeds of dog as they only usually shed small amounts when brushed or bathed. This is great for people who have allergies to dog hair as they will find very little hair around their homes. If a person is allergic to a Yorkshire Terrier, it is generally their dander or saliva that will trigger a reaction. Some scientists disagree with the statement that the Yorkshire Terrier has a hypoallergenic coat as they argue that dogs have different proteins that can trigger a reaction in some people and not in others. Therefore, the fact that they do not shed may make little or no difference.

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7. There is Only One Standard Coat Color

Unlike many other dogs that have several colors that are recognised as being official to the breed, there is only one standard color of coat for the Yorkshire Terrier. The standard color for a Yorkshire Terrier is a tan coat with a blue saddle. However, there are variations of this which are called particolors. A dog that is described as particolor is white with black or blue and tan. This is caused by a recessive gene and is rare. Another variation is a golden coat and these dogs can only produce pheomelanin, while others are chocolate or liver and only produce brown eumelanin. Dogs that are not the standard color often have health problems.

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It can take between three and four years for the color of a Yorkshire Terrier coat to establish itself. For this reason, there are some who argue that dogs below this age should not be shown in competition as they may not be officially recognized due to the true color of their coat.

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