12 Ways Your Dachshunds Demonstrate Just How Much They Care About You

They Will Bring You Their Toys

Have you been in love lately? when you are in love of someone or you feel a deep affection for a specific person, what you do is to give away something to that person, a flower, chocolate, candy. What dogs do is the same. When dogs bring you their toys is not only means that they want to play, but also it means that they see you as an important person, that is why they bring you their toys.

They Give You Kisses

Puppy kisses means that they are showing you affection or you just have food in your face and they are trying to taste it. Mother dogs communicate with their pups with kisses and grooming them which is most of the cases known to stimulate their breathing. However, your dog isn’t trying to stimulate your breathing at the moment but simply telling you “Hello! I think you’re the best!” or “I’ll give you kisses until I get a treat from you.

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