12 Harmful Things You May Be Doing to Your Yorkie Without Realizing It

Letting your dog eat everything

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If there is a common mistake that not experienced dog owners do is to feed their dogs with human food. Never feed human food to your dog, it’s way too salty, too spicy and too fatty for them. Actually, many of the food we consume is very dangerous and even toxic for our pups. Moreover, dogs learn very fast. Never feed them or give them from your food while you are eating. That will create a bad habit in your dog which is to beg for food everytime he sees you with food in your hands.

Neglecting your dog’s teeth

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The same that happens with human teeths happens with dogs. these teeth need to be brushed just like yours. If you get a pup, you should start taking care of their teeths in order to create this habit. So, if you are not doing it, it is time for you to help your dog to get their teeths cleaned.

Leaving a dog alone in the car

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You can do whatever thing in life, but NEVER ever leave your dog inside of car. Researchers have found that the temperature inside a car can go up to 20 degrees in just 10 minutes, even if the car is parked in the shade. It is known that dogs don’t sweat like us and overheating can happen much quicker than you expect.

Choosing the wrong collar

There are many things to consider when choosing a collar for your dog. If it’s too big, the dog may escape and if it’s too small, it could be squishing the dog’s neck. The general rule to get the perfect collar is, for small and medium size dogs, you should be able to place one your finger between the collar/harness and the pup. For large and extra-large dogs, 2 fingers should fit.

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