11 Ways You May Be Unintentionally Shortening Your Dachshund’s Life

Letting your dog gain too much weight

Statistics from Association for Pet Obesity Prevention have shown that an estimated 53 percent of dogs were overweight last year. Carrying extra pounds can be dangerous for your pup and shorten your dog’s life, moreover, reduce the quality of the years you have with him. If you let your doggain much weight can suffer arthritis, exercise intolerance, diabetes, liver disease and high blood pressure.

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Before your dog starts a diet or exercise routine, take your dog with the vet. An underlying cause like a thyroid condition could be the culprit. In addition, the vet will tell you how to improve your dogs condition.

Neglecting canine dental care

American Humane Society reports have reported that an estimated 85% of dogs over the age of five suffer from periodontal disease caused by food, bacteria and plaque collecting at the gum line. It has been demonstrated that a build-up of oral bacteria can ultimately lead to all sorts of health problems for your dog, including heart valve problems and infections within the kidneys.

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